SmartChain Solutions was created to enable operators to purchase directly from sand mines and secure last mile logistics at cost. In order to accomplish this vision, SmartChain Solutions has gathered a team of the industry’s most talented people.


SmartChain Solutions, with its values-driven approach, seeks to provide an innovative approach to contract negotiation, sand procurement and planning, 24/7 customer service, reconciliation, and payment authorization.  


With a commitment to our values, our vision, our team, our customers, and our community, we are the Smart Solution for outsourcing your company’s supply chain needs.

Why Self-Source?

  • Guarantees E&P proppant supply for planned frac activity

  • Gain control of frac sand pricing and increase predictability of completion costs

  • Allows diversification of sand portfolio to manage rail costs and plant outages

  • Establish last mile dedicated fleet carriers to ensure prioritization of trucking resources to E&P assets

  • Realized savings to E&P can be reinvested into frac schedule to allow for additional completions in     fiscal year