SmartChain LLC offers produced water management for companies that is game changing. Our clients experience more than just reduced hauling costs. Gone are the days of excess loads of paper stacks on your desk. We will eliminate the back office burdens of field tickets and expedite invoice submissions for real-time expenses. Allow us to take a "load off" your back.

Predictive Scheduling
  • Predict load readiness based on inflow trend

Invoice/Payment Authorization
  • Prepare client invoice report with audited
    volumes and contract pricing

  • Eliminates field ticket as invoice
    support at time of submission

Reconciliation & Reporting
  • Audit every load (cradle to grave)

  • Validate volumes to eliminate fraud 

  • Report water volumes and LOE spend by well/property and SWD

Order Loads
  • 12-hour load plan issued by driver

  • Loads preassigned to SWD facility

  • Push load details to driver via mobil app

Loading at Well Site
  • Geofence timestamp of driver arrival & departure

  • Record top and bottom tank levels

  • Log volume collected (barrels)

  • Capture image of driver's ticket



Offloading at Disposal Well
  • Geofence timestamp of arrival & departure from SWD

  • Capture image of load receipt